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We at Horse Country are very excited about our website and thank you
for visiting it! We want you to feel comfortable with Horse Country whether visiting
our store, browsing through our catalog, or clicking around our website.

We have created this website to allow you expanded and more frequent access
to all that Horse Country offers throughout the year. And, while we are pleased to
increase our Internet presence, we maintain a strong commitment to our hallmark
customer service so valued by our customers since our opening day.

So please feel free to contact us directly at 1-800-882-HUNT (4868) or, for those
outside the US, 01-540-347-3141 and experience for yourself the unique place
called Horse Country. We trust that you will discover our website, like our catalog
and our store, is a delight for your eyes and a true “find” for your hunting and
riding needs.

Horse Country Background

Horse Country Saddlery was founded by my family in 1970. From a small
Warrenton tack shop, we slowly developed into the leading stockist of fine
show ring attire in the United States.

By the early 1980s, interest in foxhunting was growing. We sensed the needs
of foxhunters were not being addressed properly in the United States and we
started expanding our range of offerings to this segment of the riding community.
Today, we carry the largest and most comprehensive array of fine foxhunting
attire and equipment in the world.

Walking through the store, you’ll find one-of-a-kind antiques, exquisite gold and
silver jewelry, and old Welsh blankets. From tall top hats to scarlet coats and
shadbellys, superior hunting bridles and saddles to saddle soaps and polishes,
English country clothing to adorable plush toys for children, Horse Country is the
one-stop shop for many horsemen.

Located in the epicenter of Virginia’s thriving horse community, we’re closely
attuned to the needs and interests of equestrians and their lifestyles. Our longtime
customers include many of the best-known names in the world of horse sports.
A stroll through our store may bring you face-to-face with a former Olympian, a
revered Master of Foxhounds, or a legendary huntsman. Whether a figure of wide
renown, a dear old friend, or your neighbor down the lane, you’re always likely to
meet someone you know at Horse Country.

Enjoy HorseCountryLife.com, visit our online store HorseCountryCarrot.com, and peruse our latest catalogs.. But remember, we want to see you at 60 Alexandria Pike in Warrenton, Virginia, our home. You have an open invitation.

Happy Hunting,
Marion Maggiolo

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Banner photo Janet Hitchen

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