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In order to maintain the depth of inventory our customers expect, we import our frock and scarlet coats with only one button in place. Once you have chosen the coat that fits you, our seamstress will expertly apply the correct number of buttonholes you need at no charge. As a Horse Country service, and for an additional charge, we will also have your hunt's collar and buttons sewn onto your new jacket.

Traditionally, members of the field wear three buttons with rounded corners on the coat skirt. Today, most hunts do not follow the rounded skirt tradition. Masters and staff wear four buttons with a square skirt. Masters who hunt their own hounds and huntsmen wear five buttons with square corners on the skirt. This is our recommendation, but please check with your individual hunt.

Several hunts do not use scarlet coats, substituting navy, black, or green frock coats instead. However, the same tradition for the number of buttons applies regardless of coat color. To assist those hunts who use black or navy as their staff coats, we now stock all frock coats in these colors with only one button, as above. Green is available by special order.

At certain times of the year, our seamstress is very busy. She can not accommodate rush orders. Please allow adequate time to have button holes made and for attaching your hunt's buttons and collars.


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